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Next Gen Ranger Accessories

Custom Outfitters offers a huge range of Next-Gen Ranger Accessories that not only assist the vehicle’s durability and capability but also help the vehicle functionality and change the look of the Next-Gen Ford Ranger.

Some Next Gen Ranger Accessories we offer go from suspension upgrades that can handle diverse driving conditions while maintaining the comfort and stability of your Ford Ranger.

Other accessories such as Floor Mats, Side Steps, Roller Shutters, and Dash cams are also offered in our workshop which is tailor-made for the Next-Gen Ford Ranger. These Next Gen Ranger Accessories enhance the durability, utility and style of the vehicle.

Other accessories Custom Outfitters offers are bull bars bash plates and underbody bash plate kits which are designed to offer ultimate protection for your Ranger. We ensure every bull bar we produce and install is robust and complies with Australia Safety Standards (ADR). For those who push their Next-Gen Ford Rangers to the limit off-road, you’ll need an underbody protection kit that is tailored to shield vulnerable under-vehicle components of your Next-Gen Ford Ranger.

Our team of experts has curated an extensive collection of Ford Ranger accessories to enhance the capabilities of your Ford Ranger, both on and off the road. Whether you’re an adventurer who loves to explore the great outdoors, a tradesperson who needs a reliable vehicle for work, or simply a Ford Ranger enthusiast, we have the perfect next-gen Ford Ranger accessories to meet your needs.

For all the Next Gen Ranger accessories including models like the XL, XLS, XLT, Raptor, Wiltrak & Sports, we have a wide range of accessories on offer ranging from bull bars, racks, tray lids, wheels, tailgate kits, load bars, lights & suspension and much much more, all available under one roof. Visit the team at 3/3 Holbeche Road, Arndell Park, NSW, 2148. Offering installs in-house!

Being Australia’s number one selling vehicle and most popular mid-size pick up ute in this market, the Next Gen Ford Ranger has a superb reputation for its rugged performance versatility and reliability. The aftermarket industry including Custom Outfitters has responded by introducing a diverse array of 4×4 accessories designed to elevate and improve the Next Gen Ford Ranger’s Capabilities and aesthetics.

Here is a guide of what accessories you should be considering to install for your Next Gen Ford Ranger:

Lift Kits: Popular aftermarket accessories for offroad enthusiasts looking to increase ground clearance and accommodates larger 4×4 tyres including brands like Falken Offroad, Maxxis, Nitto and more.

Bull Bar Protection: When it comes to road trips and adventures, the bull bar for the next gen ford ranger is a must do, not only does it look good, they are engineered with durability and strength to provide adequate protection against potential impacts from Kangaroos, stones, debris and any other wildlife. Some 4×4 bull bars like Option 4WD, Hamer 4×4, Rhino 4×4 offer mounting points for optional additional off road lighting. Plus the winch cradle to cater for a 9000lb, 10000lb or a 12,000 pound electric synthetic winch.

Manual & Electric Roller Shutters & Sports Bar Kits: For added convenience and cargo protection. Best option is to consider an electric or manual roller cover for your ute bed. We offer Black Venom Roller shutters innovative allows you to easily open and close the cover with the push of a button, remote or through your mobile. The Venom Roller shutters provide weather resistance, added security and streamline appearance with an option to reinstall or purchase a new sports bars. Get down to Custom Outfitters Australia to check our show cars today!

Driving Lights: We only use the top brands of the industry, brands like STEDI, RIGID, VIKOR, IGNITE are the lights are offer in Custom Outfitters from camping lights, round driving lights to premium light bars. Light bars are designed to withstand harsh conditions and the technology is so good and provides exceptional visibility during night time off roading and low light situations.

Cosmetic, Bonnet Protector & Weathershields: Protect your Next Gen Ranger and Raptors with bonnet protectors and weathershields. Not only do they look good, they deflect from debris away from your window and hood.

Canopy: We work with the best in the business for Hardtop canopies, that is Maxliner & EGR, both luxury, sport and solid canopy brands. Canopies are perfect for increasing the practicality and versatility of the Next Gen Ranger’s Tub. It provides security for items in and around the cargo stored in the truck bed and helps to protect them.

Wheel Arch Flares: Upgraded wheels with offset requires upgraded wheel arch flares to not only give the Next Gen Ranger a more aggressive and muscular look but it also gives additional clearance for the option of adding bigger wheels and larger tyres. Custom Outfitters offer wide range of styles including bolt on style, colour coded and matte black smooth.

Front Grilles: Front grilles are more than just cosmetic Ford Ranger accessories it is the face of the car. Upgrading it can give your Next-Gen Ford Ranger a distinctive look, setting it apart from others on the road. Ford Ranger grille upgrades are popular within the Next-Gen Ford Ranger Series.


Yes, Custom Outfitters Australia offers nation wide standard delivery services, please email if you’re interested in getting a next gen ford ranger accessories shipped to you! If you need someone to install, we offer in house installation at Unit 3/1 holbeche road, Arndell park, NSW, 2148.

Here at Custom Outfitters we offer wide range of Next-Gen Ranger accessories selections with in house installation so look no further, make sure you visit and purchase from the team that has majority of parts in stock!
Accessories in any 4×4 accessories including the Next Gen Ford Ranger is almost a necessity these days. Custom Outfitters offers a wide range of 4×4 accessories for Next Gen Ranger including roller shutters, sports bars, bull bars, rear bars, driving lights, floor mats and much more.
If you’re worried about fitting bull bars, rear bars, don’t be worried. All bull bars that we sell and install are sensor and tech pack compatible, they are tested by the manufacturers that made them including Hamer 4×4, Option 4WD, Rhino 4×4, Ironman and ARB.
Custom Outfitters recommends Next Gen Ranger accessories to be installed by our workshop team or if you’re interstate, best to seek one of our installer partners or a professional 4×4 fitter.

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