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Ford Ranger Bull Bar

Protect the front end of your Next-Generation Ford Ranger or Raptor with our variety of bull bar ranges designed for protection against any terrain.

Custom Outfitters offers a diverse range of bull bars, also known as front bumpers or push bars, tailored specifically to safeguard the front end of your Ford Ranger. Brands like Hamer 4x4, Option 4wd, FabFours, Rival 4x4, and Rhino 4x4 grace our selection. Our Ford Ranger bull bars adhere to ADR Compliance standards, ensuring superior safety. Many feature additional mounting options for electric synthetic winches, lights, and antennas. Located in Arndell Park, we provide supply and installation services. Finished in a durable powder coat, these bull bars can be colour-coded to match your vehicle's appearance seamlessly. Elevate both protection and aesthetics with Custom Outfitters premium bull bars for your Ford Ranger.

Custom Outfitters Offers a wide range of bull bars that are safe and reliable for those wanting to improve their vehicle’s protection and performance, at an entry-level price. It’s compatible with safety systems and winches and has provisions for top-mount driving lights and an antenna. This bull bar’s sturdy build means your Ranger is ready for the daily grind as well as weekend escapes.

The bull bars we offer are designed to protect you and your vehicle, whilst also improving your off-road capabilities with provisions for a winch, recovery points, and top-mount driving lights. We’ve got you covered with our range of bull bars with brands like Black Venom, Hamer 4x4, Option 4WD, Fab Fours, GMF Rival 4x4, Rhino and even genuine commercial bull bar – all built to toughen up your vehicle’s safety and performance.

Installing a Ford Ranger Bull Bar is one of the best things you can do to protect your 4X4. Some benefits it can offer include:

  • Protection – A Bull bar can protect minor accidents, as well as against small scrapes and rocks.
  • Safety – Bull bars can prevent the energy of an impact from dissipating through the vehicle. They work in two ways. Firstly, they reduce the damage from the impact. Secondly, it can help protect you and your passengers from serious injury.
  • Practical – At Custom Outfitters, we only stock products that are highly functional. Our Ford Ranger protection products provide practical advantages. Designed specifically for the Ranger, our bull bars are designed not to hinder your winch and lights.

One of our most popular Ford Ranger protection products is the bull bar. Installing a Ford Ranger Bull Bar is one of the best things you can do to protect your 4X4. Come to visit our team and our new showroom and workshop at 3/3 Holbeche Road, Arndell Park, NSW, 2148.

The legendary Ford Ranger is renowned for its ruggedness and versatility, is a vehicle built to tackle various terrains and challenges. However, for those seeking to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of their Ranger, a bull bar stands out as an essential accessory. Here is where we offer Ford Ranger Bull Bars which not only adds protection against collisions with wildlife and other hazards but gives a robust and aggressive look to your Ford Ranger 4×4.

Ford Ranger Bull bar which a bull bar also known as a grille guard or a push bar can be a genuine or aftermarket accessory. Here at Custom Outfitters we offer a wide range of brands including Hamer 4×4, Ironman, Rhino 4×4 Evolution, Option 4WD and many more to suit the Ford Ranger Series. Originally developed for off-road vehicles and trucks, bull bars have evolved into a popular addition to various vehicles including the Next Gen Ford Ranger. The Ford Ranger Bull bars are construction either from materials like steel or aluminium providing a sturdy barrier against impacts from animals, debris or any minor collisions.

Benefits of installation a Ford Ranger Bull Bar:
Enhancing Functionality & Safety: Protect the front end of your Ford Ranger with a Custom Outfitters bull bar designed for protection against any terrain. The installation of a Ford Ranger bull bar primarily aims at shielding its front end from collisions. Whether traversing rocky trails or rural roads, this accessory acts as a protective shield, deflecting branches, rocks, and other potential hazards that could endanger your vehicle. It’s noteworthy that all Ford Ranger bull bars available from us adhere to ADR compliance standards and are compatible with Tech Packs and sensors, ensuring comprehensive protection and functionality.

Off-road Capability:
For off-road enthusiasts, a bull bar is a must-have accessory. It not only enhances the aggressive appearance of your Ford Ranger but also adds an extra layer of protection when traversing rugged terrain. Furthermore, not only does any Ford Ranger Bull Bar look good, it also gives extra ground clearance so you can actually fit bigger tyres and not get stuck when off-roading. Whether you’re tackling steep inclines or navigating through dense vegetation, a bull bar ensures your vehicle remains unscathed.

Driving Lights & Antenna Options:
Ever struggled with mounting lights or antennas on a stock bumper? Look no more, Ford Ranger Bull bars often come with additional mounting points, allowing you to attach auxiliary lighting, winches, or recovery gear. This versatility enables you to customize your Ford Ranger according to your specific needs, whether it’s for off-road adventures or utility purposes. Here at Custom Outfitters we work with a wide range of brands such as STEDI, LAZER Lamps, GME so you can install extra lights or antennas onto your Bull Bars.

Part from all the above features, some of us are mall crawlers, ford ranger bull bars enhances the visual appeal of your Ford Ranger, giving it a more rugged and commanding presence on the road. With various designs and finishes available, you can choose a bull bar that complements the overall look of your vehicle, whether you prefer a sleek black finish or a polished stainless steel appearance.

For top-notch bull bars for your vehicle, look no further than Custom Outfitters. As your premier destination for bull bar needs in Australia, we offer high-quality products and exceptional service. With our reliable courier partners, we ensure timely delivery to any location. Trust Custom Outfitters for all your bull bar requirements. To sum it up, any Ford Ranger bull bar is a valuable addition to any vehicle, providing both aesthetic enhancement and practical benefits such as protection against collisions and off-road hazards. Whether you’re a weekend warrior exploring remote trails or a daily commuter, make sure you visit the team at Custom Outfitters Sydney today at Unit 3/1 Holbeche Road, Arndell Park, NSW, 2148.


Yes we offer nation wide delivery service, although we are located in Sydney Australia, we provide freight quotes and have it shipped from our Headoffice to you directly. Please email us on for a freight quote for your Ford Ranger Bull Bar.
With a wide range of 4×4 brands that we deal with and being a stockists of most major brands such as Hamer 4×4, Option 4WD, Rhino Bull Bar, Offroad Animal. It makes bull bars a favourable choice over a boring old looking nudge bar or plain plastic bumper bar.
Three key reasons, experience, know-how and professionalism. Here are Custom Outfitters, we care for each and every customer, we hear the reasons why you are considering to purchase a ford ranger bull bar and we give you our personal advise as to why each particular bull bar would suit you. With a wide range of brands to choose from, and with one of the best workshop teams in the world, we highly recommend you to come see us today!
Few main raises are functionality, protection and aesthetics, they look great, they protect the car well and gives you extra mounts to install lights or antennas when you need them.
For sure, all bull bars are tested and are made sure that techpack systems, sensors and radars are compatible. Each particular brand is backed with its own warranty so rest assured you are in safe hands are Custom Outfitters.
One of the main reasons for fitting up a bull bar is to protect the front end of your Ford Ranger from a collision. Whether you’re driving through rocky trails or rural roads, the ford ranger bull bar acts as a shield, deflecting branches, rocks, and other obstacles that could cause harm to your vehicle.
From Custom Outfitters point of view, we recommend it to be fitted by a professional, this way the bull bar is installed and aligned properly. However in saying that, if you’ve worked on cars before and have similar products before, you can give it a crack however understand that bull bar fitments are not easy and are not for every person to install. They are heavy and are easy to make a mistake. Bull bars are fitted to be a protection for your vehicle so best to leave it to professionals to install.

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