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Ford Ranger Grille

Looking for a Ford Ranger grille? Visit Custom Outfitters and we will transform your Ford Ranger today! Stocked with only the premium quality Ford Ranger grilles in the market in a wide variety of designs and styles.

From your less aggressive Ford Ranger grille to your full-on raptor grille style to suit both the Ford Ranger PX1, PX2, PX3, Next Gen Ranger and even the Next Gen Everest. These Ford Ranger grilles come in a wide variety of colours such as red, black with orange outlines, black with red outlines, red with amber and even custom colours. All Ford Ranger grilles sold at Custom Outfitters Australia come with or without LED lights.

Every Ford Ranger you see out there looks the same, some may have different wheels and others different tyres. But what would truly make you stand out from the rest of the crowd is a new set of Ford Ranger grilles done at Custom Outfitters. Just like our slogan “We’re all about Custom”, we stick by that. Whatever Ford Ranger Grille you have or we have on offer, we can custom-make brackets to sit with light bars and driving lights. The grille of your Ranger can be seen as the vehicle’s face, so why leave your pride and joy looking bland like every other Ranger on the road?

All Ford Ranger grilles at Custom Outfitters used are either genuine Ford or aftermarket, made in Thailand, China or the Philippines, so you know that they’re made of the highest quality and standard. Created from high-quality automotive grade ABS plastic to withstand the harshest conditions when going off-road. These aftermarket Ford Ranger grilles are also an excellent replacement for your old-fashioned stock Ford Ranger grill, adding both style and aggression to the look of your Ford Ranger.

Ford Ranger grilles are crafted to be strong, yet lightweight from only the highest quality materials without compromising on its durability to withstand off-road conditions. These Ford Ranger grilles are easy to install with no drilling or cutting required when putting them on, being made for OEM fitment of the Ford Ranger. That means that all our Ford Ranger grilles are made to the same size of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Why Get Ford Ranger Grilles? The main reason why you would want to get a Ford Ranger grille done to your Ford Ranger is to give it a more aggressive look with a more raptor-style grille. Typically Ford Ranger grilles come in a bulky and bland design. Imagine driving off-road with your decked-out Ford Ranger, you have new wheels, tyres, and a 4×4 lift kit done to your Ranger but at the front of your Ranger. Your grille is still the same old stock design. Giving everyone the impression that you’re not really into the off-road scene, making it as if you were like every other Ranger on the road.

Will it fit my Ford Ranger? Make sure you ask our sales team or visit us at 3/3 Holbeche Road, Arndell Park, NSW, 2148, each grille is tailor-made for each model. All Ford Ranger grilles at Custom Outfitters are stocked to fit Ford Ranger PX1, PX2, PX3, Raptor, Next Gen Ranger, Next Gen Everest (XLS, XLT, FX4, Wildtrak) with different styled grilles depending on the model of your vehicle.

How much does Ford Ranger Grille Cost? It depends, we’ve got a wide range of grilles available optioning from ones with lights, without lights, different models and different fitment. They vary from $250 to $1600. All our grilles include a warranty and we also offer installation, be sure to visit the team at Custom Outfitters Today.

Ford Ranger grilles at Custom Outfitters are designed for the perfect OEM fitment. When buying your Ford Ranger grilles from Custom Outfitters make sure that you’re buying the right style grille to fit your vehicle. If you’re too unsure about what type of Ford Ranger you have don’t hesitate to call one of our staff as they’re always ready to help. Ford Ranger grilles can be installed at home with instructions given with every Ford Ranger grille purchased. However, we recommend getting a specialist to install your Ford Ranger grille for you as it can get a bit complex with wiring the Led lights and fitting it on properly.

Here at Custom Outfitters, one of the key aesthetics feature to change for your ford ranger is the ford grille, there’s many of styles and upgrades you can do to it. Including updating it to the ford raptor style grille or custom full mesh grilles and even the OEM look with light surround the badge. Unlike most normal grille replacements, most our grille options can offer behind the grille light bar optional to be installed, this gives you an extra option if you wanted additional lighting. So technically it is not only for looks, however functional with a light bar to give you extra vision at night.

Front grilles are more than just a cosmetic ford ranger accessory, it is the face of the car. Upgradingi it can give your Next Gen Ford Ranger a distinctive look, setting it apart from others on the road. Ford Grille upgrades are popular within the Next Gen Ford Ranger Series.

Ford Ranger grilles sit above the front bumper bar of the ford ranger. Its main purpose is to allow adequate air flow through to engine bay therefore keeping it cool whilst you drive. From an aesthetic point of view, majority of customers replace their front grilles because they want to look different which sets them apart from others. You can find different front end grille replacements with different designs and colour at Custom Outfitters.

Reasons why you would change your ford ranger grille: Personalisation, as per our company name, Custom Outfitters is all about Custom. Ford owners love to express their individuality and style preferences, creating a unique look for your ford ranger.

Raptor style grilles draw inspiration from the rugged design of the Ford Raptor, featuring the bold lettering and aggressive styling contours. You can add additional light on or behind the ford grilles to give off road users and high way drivers better vision at night.

How to Install you ask? We’d recommend you booking your ford ranger grille installs with us as it gets pretty fiddly specially when next gen rangers have cameras and sensors around the car. The install involves removing plastic shrouds in the engine bay using trim removal kits, then unplugging wires and removing the original grille which then leaves room to install your new chosen ford ranger grille replacement. There is no one step by step instruction as most grilles are different therefore we recommend you have it installed by professionals.

We’ve got many to choose from available in matte black finish or optional to colour match them. Be sure to get yours before they sell out. Book in your ford ranger grille installs today through and one of our sales staff will be able to assist and securing you a ford ranger grille.



Yes, Custom Outfitters Australia offers nation wide standard delivery services, please email if you’re interested in getting a ford ranger grille shipped to you! If you need someone to install, we offer in house installation at Unit 3/1 holbeche road, Arndell park, nsw, 2148.

Here at Custom Outfitters we offer wide range of grille selections with in house installation so look no further, make sure you visit and purchase from the team that has majority of parts in stock!
Custom Outfitters recommends ford ranger grilles to be installed by our workshop team or if you’re interstate, best to seek one of our installer partners or a professional 4×4 fitter.

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