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4x4 Accessories Sydney

Custom Outfitters has the latest range of 4x4 accessories and 4WD products supplied and fitting for your 4x4 off-road needs, Sydney NSW.

We carry a full range of 4×4 accessories, bull bars, suspension, winches, installation, and more. We also offer fitting and installation in-house at 3/3 Holbeche Road, Arndell Park NSW 2148. Get ready for your next off-road adventure with premium 4WD accessories from Custom Outfitters in Sydney. Buy 4×4 accessories from a leading 4×4 shop in Sydney.

Custom Outfitters is your retail shop for everything you need to fit out your 4WD with quality products at competitive prices for your off-road adventures.

Shop Now For Products & Accessories for A Wide Range Of Vehicles At Custom Outfitters Arndell Park. Leading Australian Distributor for International Automotive Accessories & Winches. 4×4 Parts. Fenders & Flares. Recovery Kits.

Custom Outfitters is one of the largest 4×4 Accessories Sydney Stores in this state, let alone this country. With vibrant workshop and showroom which diverse range of 4×4 accessories, Custom Outfitters is a haven for 4×4 enthusiasts seeking to elevate their offroad adventures. Whether you’re driving the muddy tracks of Blue Mountains to sandy tracks of Stockton Beach or conquering the rugged trails of the Australian outback, having the right 4×4 accessories can make all the difference.

Custom Outfitters is home to Sydney 4×4 accessories. Let our team help you find the right gear to improve your 4×4 adventures. Drop into our 4WD Store or visit our website to view what we have on offer. Biggest brands, top quality at affordable prices. Brands includes STEDI, Hamer 4×4, Rhino 4×4, Ironman, Black Venom, MAXXIS, Nitto and more! We cater for wide range of 4×4 accessories including bull bars, rear bars, winches, wheels, tyres, driving lights and much more.

If you frequently go on offroad adventures either off road, beach, mudding, equipping your vehicle with 4×4 accessories can enhance its offroad capability. Accessories such as suspension upgrades, offroad 4×4 tyres, bash plates, bull bars which can help you tackle challenging offroad terrains with confidence, allowing you to explore remote areas and conquer obstacles that would be extremely hard to get through.

Whether you are camping, towing, touring, hauling or participating in recreational off roading, there are a heap of accessories available to enhance your vehicle’s capabilities and make your adventures more enjoyable, safe and sound.

Certain 4×4 accessories will improve the safety of your vehicle, both on and offroad the road such as upgrading the lighting systems or adding optional driving lights and lights bar to improve visiability in low light conditions, reducing the risk of accidents. Other parts like recovery gear, winches, tow straps, bull bars and sand tracks can help you extricate you vehicle from difficult situations.

Custom Outfitters based in Sydney doing wide range of 4×4 accessories, make sure you book in your 4x4s today!



Yes, Custom Outfitters Australia offers nation wide standard delivery services, please email if you’re interested in getting any 4×4 accessories shipped to you! If you need someone to install, we offer in house installation at Unit 3/1 holbeche road, Arndell park, nsw, 2148.

Adding 4×4 accessories to your vehicle can dramatically enhance the look, performance, functionality of your 4×4 vehicle doesn’t matter what rig you own. Accessories such as lift kits, wheels, tyres, bull bars, bash plates, driving lights can help you when you are offroading
Here at Custom Outfitters we offer wide range of 4×4 Accessories selections with in house installation so look no further, make sure you visit and purchase from the team that has majority of parts in stock!
For sure, all bull bars, nudge bars, grilles and rear bars that we install work with the factory sensors, radars and safety systems so rest assured, you can sleep easy at night, there will be no faults, no errors on the car.
Can I install a 4×4 accessories on my Ford Ranger myself, or do I need professional installation? Custom Outfitters recommends 4×4 accessories to be installed by our workshop team or if you’re interstate, best to seek one of our installer partners or a professional 4×4 fitter.

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