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Ford Ranger Roof Racks

Ford Ranger roof racks are the perfect accessory for any Australian Ford If you're a Ranger owner looking to increase their vehicle's cargo-carrying capacity.

These roof racks are designed to fit seamlessly onto the top of your Ranger Ute, providing a sturdy platform for you to securely transport all of your gear.

Our Ford Ranger Ute roof racks are available for all years and trim levels of the Ranger, including the XL, XLT, Wildtrak, Platinum and Raptor models. These roof racks are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they can withstand the harsh Australian weather and the wear and tear of constant use.

With a Ford Ranger Ute roof rack, you’ll be able to transport everything from kayaks and surfboards to bikes and luggage with ease. Whether you’re heading out on a road trip or just need some extra space for a big haul, these roof racks are the perfect solution. So if you’re ready to take your Ranger Ute to the next level, don’t wait – get a Ford Ranger Ute roof rack today!

Buy Roof racks at Custom Outfitters if you’re planning to load something to the outside of your vehicle. Check out Custom Outfitter’s large range of high-quality roof racks in-store or online. You may choose to either install your roof racks in-store, or you can do it yourself.

A roof rack storage is a must-have accessory for anyone planning to go off-road or on long trips with a lot of luggage. A car roof racks will help place lightweight, and bulky items that you find difficult to place in the cabin of your vehicle.

Our range of roof racks is stocked to suit a wide variety of vehicles ranging from your Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Mazda BT-50, Nissan Navara, Nissan Patrol, Landrover Defender and many other models.

It’s important that when you’re considering on getting a roof rack for your vehicle you should take into consideration the load-carrying capacity of your vehicle’s roof (this can be found in your vehicle’s manual). There are several types of load rating your vehicle will have. Your vehicle will have a different load rating when it’s stationary, moving, and even when it’s off-road.

This is very important to take into consideration when buying your roof rack. As you want to consider buying a certain roof rack for specific conditions. Another key factor when looking to purchase your roof rack is the bar length and the width of the load you’re planning to carry.

What you would also want to consider before buying your roof rack is the weight of the items you wish to carry with your new set of roof racks. It’s best that you get a roof rack that can handle just a bit more than what you intend, just to be safe so that you’ll never exceed the load rating of your roof rack.

Ford Ranger Roof Rack Kits purpose is to expand the Ford Ranger’s Cargo carrying capabilities however now a days most manufacturers such as Rhino Rack and Front Runner also add a touch of functionality, aesthetics and style to their design. We dive into the word of Ford Ranger Roof Racks and explain why you should install one on your rig.

Roof Racks are a versatile and necessary feature and accessories for any 4×4 including the Ford Ranger. They provide additional storage space for bulky items such as luggage, camping gear, or 4×4 equipment. Ford Ranger Roof Racks are specifically engineered to fit the contours of the vehicle’s roof, ensuring a seamless fitment with optimal functionality. Rhino Racks are made from aluminium whilst brand named Front Runner a steel construction. Both equally as good providing a sturdy platform for carrying cargo.

A Ford Ranger roof rack enhances the functionality of your vehicle by expanding its capabilities beyond basic transportation. With a roof rack installed, your Ford Ranger becomes more versatile and capable, allowing you to tackle a wider range of tasks and activities. Whether you’re moving furniture, transporting gear for a DIY project, or embarking on a road trip, a roof rack provides a convenient and efficient solution for carrying extra cargo without overcrowding the interior.

Beyond its practical benefits, a Ford Ranger roof rack can also enhance the appearance of your vehicle, giving it a more rugged and adventurous look. Whether you opt for a sleek and streamlined design or a more robust and aggressive style, a roof rack adds visual interest and personality to your Ford Ranger, making it stand out on the road. With various styles and finishes available, you can choose a roof rack that complements the overall aesthetics of your vehicle, further enhancing its appeal.



Yes we offer delivery services Australia wide, please inquire with our team and mention which brand you need such as Rhino Rack Backbone or Front Runner Slim Line roof rack and we can quote you the freight charge needed to ship to you.
If you’re ever out of space in the back of your Ford Ranger tub, out of space in the cabin, you got nowhere else to put stuff, you can either install tub racks or ford ranger roof rack kits for your 4×4.
Here at Custom Outfitters we work and install trusted brands such as Rhino Rack and Front Runner to make sure your 4x4s including the ford ranger look nice, functional and giving you the extra storage that you may need when youre offroading with friends and family.
Simple answer, for any offroader or tourer is space. Adding a Ford roof rack to your vehicle can be a game-changer, offering a multitude of benefits that enhance both its practicality and aesthetics.
Custom Outfitters offers Roof rack brands such as Rhino Rack & Front Runner which are a versatile and practical accessory that offers a wide range of benefits for vehicle owners. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a frequent traveller, or simply looking to increase your vehicle’s carrying capacity, investing in a roof rack can greatly enhance your driving experience.
To secure Rhino Roof Rack or Front Runner product install warranties, we recommend that it is installed by a professional so that you have parts and installation warranty covered.

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