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Ford Ranger Accessories


We make sure it’s fully compatible with your vehicle, ensuring you’ll get optimal integration and performance out of the accessories you fit on your Ford Ranger.

Our national network of Custom Outfitters stores and dealers means that there are fitment centres conveniently located near you. Always up to date with the latest information and latest products with thorough knowledge of the accessories we release to the market.

Here at Custom Outfitters Australia, we offer a variety of Ford Ranger Accessories that can help you dress up the car whilst being there when you need to use it. Apart from wheels, tyres or suspension we offer a wide range of categories of products such as cosmetic trims, flares, bull bars, rear bars, custom brackets, snorkels, tailgate assist and much more. If you are looking for high-quality quality affordable and long-lasting Ford Ranger Accessories, then make sure you visit the team at Custom Outfitters with our new workshop and showroom at 3/3 Holbeche Road, Arndell Park, NSW, 2148.

Custom Outfitters not only manufacturers but also works with big brands like Rhino 4×4, Rival 4×4, hamer 4×4, Option 4wd, Vikor Industries and much more to offer a range of accessories for the Ford Ranger. Accessories such as bull bars give your Ford Ranger extra strength, style and protection. We stock the majority of brands on the shelf so be sure to contact one of our sales teams to get your accessories for ford ranger installed today!

We offer Ford Ranger Snorkels which come in Stainless Steel finish or Injection Moulding finish, we work with brands such as Fabulous Fabrications and Safari which are high quality and handcrafted precisely for the Ford Ranger. Durability and work superiority make it stand out from the rest.

Other Ford Ranger Accessories also include EGR Fender Flares, so if you’re looking to go wider and bigger with your wheels and tyres then a set of Fender flares is a must-have. Getting a set of fender flares will allow you to get more aggressive with your wheel fitments and offsets without getting in trouble with the law. Opening up a wider range of customisation options for your wheels and tyres, giving you that custom Ford Ranger look.

The importance of getting a set of fender flares to ensure that your Ford Ranger complies with Australian standards and laws. Under most states, any wheels and tyres that stick out of the guards are considered illegal and deemed a defect which can lead to a fine.

That is why putting a set of fender flares to extend the size of your guard is important, allowing you to go wider and more aggressive without getting in trouble with the law.

The Ford Ranger is a versatile and capable vehicle, perfectly suited for a wide range of tasks, from daily commuting to off-road adventures. In saying that, we believe to truly maximize its potential and tailor it to your specific needs, adding in quality 4×4 accessories is essential for any 4×4 let alone the Ford Ranger. You can go from enhancing performance and utility to adding style and comfort, the right accessories can transform your Ford Ranger into the ultimate driving companion. Within this guide, we will explore a selection of 4×4 accessories designed to elevate your Ford Ranger experience, covering everything from practical additions to stylish upgrades.

Offroad Accessories:

Suspension Lift Kits: Elevate your ford ranger with better off-road capabilities with a quality lift kit. Lift kits are installed to increase ground clearance and allows for larger tyres to be installed. Lift kits come in various sizes and configurations ranging from mild levelling kits to comprehensive suspension upgrades which include upgrading diff drop kits, upper control arms as well as changing shocks, springs and even leaf springs. This allows you to customize your Ford Ranger’s stance according to your off-road adventures.

Bull Bars & Bumpers: Ford Ranger Bull bar which a bull bar also known as a grille guard or a push bar can be a genuine or aftermarket accessory. Here at Custom Outfitters we offer a wide range of brands including Hamer 4×4, Ironman, Rhino 4×4 Evolution, Option 4WD and many more to suit the Ford Ranger Series. Originally developed for offroad vehicles and trucks, bull bars have evolved into a popular addition to various vehicles including the Next Gen Ford Ranger.

Roller Shutter, Sports Bars & Tub Solutions: Maximize the utility of your Ford Ranger’s bed with a range of accessories, including bed liners, manual or electric roller shutters, and tub sliders. Bed liners provide protection against scratches and dents, while tonneau covers keep your cargo secure and protected from the elements. Custom Outfitters both manual and electric roller shutter options with options for short and extended sports bars plus option to install your factory sports bar back on

Accessories for Ford Ranger for sale: Enhance the rugged appearance of your Ford Ranger. These accessories provide a bold aesthetic statement and offer options for LED driving lights to be fitted in or behind the Ford grille.

From performance enhancements to off-road accessories and interior upgrades, the right accessories can take your Ford Ranger to the next level, enhancing its capabilities, comfort, and style. Whether you’re a weekend warrior seeking adventure off the beaten path or the daily driver looking to personalize your vehicle to suit your lifestyle, there’s a wide range of accessories available to help you customize your Ford Ranger according to your preferences and needs. With the right combination of accessories, you can create a truly unique and versatile vehicle that reflects your individuality and enhances your driving experience for years to come.


Here at Custom Outfitters, we offer a huge range of 4×4 accessories for the Ranger, from accessories such as bull bars, nudge bars, bumper bars, dash cams, grilles, driving lights, roof racks, side steps, manual roller shutters, electric roller shutters, floor mats and more covering brands such as STEDI, Hamer 4×4, Offroad Animal, Option 4WD, KMC, Fuel Offroad, Nitto, make sure you see the team at Custom Outfitters Sydney in Arndell Park today!.
Short answer, No, 99% of the parts have been tested and personal vehicles as well as tested on and offroad prior to selling them in the market. All bull bars, and side steps have been complied to meet the ford ranger standards including having sensors still compatible, tech pack still compatible and radar cruise control still working as per normal.
Yes we offer nation wide delivery service, althrough we are located in Sydney Australia, we provide freight quotes and have it shipped from our Headoffice to you directly. Please email us on for a freight quote for your Ford Ranger Bull Bar.
Why choose Custom Outfitters to be your 4×4 store? Because we care, because we know and because we understand everyones circumstances are different. Ford Ranger accessories can get confusing, however explain it to the team and rest assured we can give the best possible recommendations before you do any install.
Generally speaking, for normal driving you might not need to however even the city drivers still find us, why? They may need accessories such as floor mats, dash cam or scuff plates, we cater for a wide market doesn’t matter if you are a mall crawler, city driver, offroader, we’ve got great looking bull bars, quality roller shutters, premium driving lights and great looking grilles and secure dash cams that we install.
Best to have parts and accessories fitted by a professional, here at Custom Outfitters, you will receive Custom Outfitters workshop warranty plus the parts warranty.

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