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Mustang to touch down in the first half of 2024, and likely take the crown as the best-selling sports car in Australia - like it has in the past


To us, evolution means more than just gradual improvement or progression, it is about the whole process; substantial refinement in the pursuit of excellence. After 3 years of design, hundreds of prototypes, and thousands of iterations, with one eye on the future, we have set our sights beyond typical shapes with the creation of TYPE-X™ EVO, redefining auxiliary driving lights as we know them.

Ford will keep the flame alive with its new-generation Mustang, which is also available with a 2.3-litre EcoBoost four-cylinder engine.


TYPE-X™ EVO has arrived in a separate dedicated flood and spot beam pattern, meaning you can mix and match, and have full control of your desired beam to suit your driving. Utilising a more efficient technology from CREE’s XP range of LEDs, TYPE-X™ EVO offers up to a staggering 1470m of light throw down the road, and up to a 140m of light spread laterally into the critical zones. Promising an even more intense beam pattern, the TYPE-X™ EVO is the thrilling evolution of the STEDI legacy.

If you want to know what the future of driving lights looks like, you’re looking at it. This is where finely-honed bespoke craftsmanship and next-generation design meet. Minimalism and purity work in harmony creating curves that complement the future of automotive. TYPE-X™ EVO’s daring attitude and timeless design embodies a vision to tomorrow, pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible. Taking a step into the future doesn’t mean you can’t write a little history along the way.

With more light, comes more features. TYPE-X™ EVO accommodates 44 LEDs that reside in a 3D lens, as well as an updated heat sync technology, dissipating heat more effectively. A multi bezel design allows for a sealing structure like no other, implementing a hidden structural seal overlayed with a perfectly proportioned outer bezel, adding depth and shadow.

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