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Dmax Bull Bar

Custom Outfitters offers a wide range of Isuzu Dmax Bull Bars which range from genuine front bar to Rhino 4x4 to Hamer 4x4, Offroad Animal and many other big brands. Let’s start with Rhino 4x4.

Rhino 4×4 Dmax Bull Bar: Introducing the ultimate, complete bumper replacement for your vehicle – the one that will make heads turn and jaws drop!

This superhero of front bars boasts a class-leading angle of approach and the ability to mount a range of accessories like winches, lights, and CB antennas. Give your 4WD a tough and aggressive look, but without making it look like a farm truck by adding a bulky bar.

Safety is also paramount to us, so we’ve conducted rigorous impact testing in Australia to ensure our front bar works seamlessly with your vehicle’s safety systems, including airbags. Don’t compromise on safety and features when shopping for bars – choose a Rhino 4×4 bar.

Offroad Animal Predator Dmax Bull Bar: Enhance those good looks and get people looking with this modern bar from Offroad Animal. Don’t settle for the same old Vanilla bars offered by the rest. Get something that not only looks the best but has awesome features too.

The all new Next Generations Isuzu Dmax is fantastic car for family use, touring and offroading. The Isuzu Dmax Bull bar is a popular choice as an aftermarket accessories to be installed, designed to enhance, improve and protect as well as looking tough.

The primary reasons why you would install a dmax bull bar is to provide added protection to the front end of your Isuzu Dmax whether it be the LS, LSX, LSU, LSM, SX or X-Terrain models from potential hazards such as wildlift, branches, rocks and other vehicles. Isuzu Dmax Bull bars have a robust construction design to help minimize damage in the event of a collision or impact protecting vital components of the car such as the radiator, support mounts, grille, headlights and the rest of the engine bay.

Aesthetically the Isuzu Dmax looks great, but if you’re wanting to make it look meaner, isuzu dmax bull bars such as Hamer 4×4 King Series PLUS or Option V1 Bull bars will enhance the appearance of the Isuzu Dmax, giving it a more rugged look. Bull bars are available in various styles and finishes and different brands, allowing owners to customize the appearance of their vehicle depending on their personal preference. Whether you prefer the sleek and minimalist design of the Hamer King series low loop or the robust and army look of the King Series plus with hoops or ironman commercial bull bar.

Most Isuzu Dmax bull bars feature integrated mounting points for accessories such as driving lights, antennas and aerials adding to the functionality of the Isuzu Dmax. This allows end users of the Dmax to choose what would suit their needs better whether if the Dmax is used for work, recreational use, or everyday driving. Some bull bar manufacturers like ARB, Ironman, Hamer 4×4, Rhino 4×4 or Option 4WD incorporate winch mounts to provide a convenience secure location to install a winch for recovery purposes as well as mounting tabs for driving lights, lights bars or GME antennas.

When selecting which bull bar is good for you, it’s important to choose brands that complies with relevant safety standards and regulations for example ADR. Bull bars that meet these standards are designed to minimize the risk of damage, injury to pedestrians and occupants in the event of a crash. Most bull bars are designed with features to suit airbag compatibility as well as sensor and tech pack functional.

Overall, if you’re looking to add a bull bar to your Isuzu Dmax, you can be rest assured that there are so many benefits in having the bull bar installed. Number one priority when driving is safety, they increase the protection as well as enhances the offroad capability. Whether you use your Isuzu Dmax 4×4 for your work, play or anything in the middle, Isuzu Dmax Bull bars are a vital accessory to have whilst build your Isuzu Dmax. Visit the team at Custom Outfitters Sydney for your bull bar installs today!



Yes, Custom Outfitters Australia offers nation wide standard delivery services, please email if you’re interested in getting a isuzu dmax bull bar shipped to you! If you need someone to install, we offer in house installation at Unit 3/1 holbeche road, Arndell park, nsw, 2148.

Rather than a small nudge bar, dmax bull bars are fitted to protect the car. With a large range brands such as Hamer 4×4, Option 4×4, Rhino and offroad animal that offers isuzu dmax bull bar choices, why would you be interested in one of these for your Dmax. Inquire now through Custom Outfitters.
Here at Custom Outfitters we offer wide range of dmax bull bar selections with in house installation so look no further, make sure you visit and purchase from the team that has majority of parts in stock!
It’s simple, we know most Isuzu Dmax owners go offroad or tour across Australia so you’ll need an Isuzu Dmax bull bar on your vehicle. Add protection and make your rig stand out from the rest!
Custom Outfitters recommends dmax bull bars to be installed by our workshop team or if you’re interstate, best to seek one of our installer partners or a professional 4×4 fitter.

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